Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have a question that is not answered here then please use the form below or contact pulse@twoigloos.com

Q. How much time will this involve from me?

We will contact you every 3 months. Each time you have the opportunity to choose to be involved in any of 3 ways (info below) or choose not to participate, although we would ask that you try and complete at least one activity each time:

1. Short mobile surveys (Max 12 surveys per year / 10 mins each)

2. In person chat (Max 3 per year / 1 hour / for those based in either London, Manchester or Bristol – so we are able to travel to see you)

3. Skype chat (Max 4 per year / 1 hour)

The maximum participation time (if you wanted to participate in everything) would be 2 hours 30 minutes in a 3 month period.

Q. Why are only London, Manchester and Bristol people offered the chance to meet in person?

To enable us to travel and reach our panelists we have had to unfortunately limit the boundaries of those that can be involved in face to face meetings to those within 3 major cities. However, everyone has the opportunity to participate in online Skype chats.

Q. Who is managing the Panel?

The Panel will be managed Two Igloos who are a research partner of many large organisations. Using a partner ensures that any information you share during your participation is anonymous.

Q. What kind of questions will you be asking me?

We will ask you questions about your life generally, about your finances and money management, about your opinions on different services and thoughts on future ideas and innovations. All your feedback will be anonymous and no private or specific detail will be shared.

Q. What will this information be used for?

The information gathered will be grouped into findings, this will help us to develop and tailor services in future to better meet the needs of clients. Information will be used anonymously.

Q. What if I decide I don’t want to participate any more?

Your participation in the Pulse Panel is completely voluntary, every 3 months we will offer you the opportunity to share your opinions but your involvement is at your discretion and you can withdraw your consent and stop your participation at any time by emailing pulse@twoigloos.com. We will make it clear how to do this in our communications.

Q. What information will you capture through the mobile app?

Once you have downloaded the mobile app we will send you surveys every once in a while (max 3 surveys every 3 months). You can choose to complete any of these that you wish. The app will let you complete these surveys without an internet connection. If relevant, the app will ask your permission to use your location. We collect this information as there may be instances when certain surveys are relevant to your location (if you do not consent to location permissions you can still participate in non-location based surveys).

Q. How quickly will I receive the thank-you vouchers?

We aim to get vouchers out to you via email 4 weeks from your participation.